Jake "The Snake" Roberts/The Undertaker vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Macho Man Randy Savage


by TSteck160

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Taker & Snake were an awesome duo, they should've had them aligned longer than they did. I have to say that this match has to be a rare one.
By TheFutureJaros 5 years ago
I remember seeing a picture in one of the WWF Magazines from 1992 with Savage vs. Undertaker from what looked to be a TV taping dark match, so maybe it is recorded, but never saw the light of day.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
Awesome. I've never seen Randy Savage and the Undertaker in a match before. It wouldn't surprise me if this was the only recorded match the two ever had against one another.
By Skye Reynolds 6 years ago