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    Fable 2 Walkthrough: Gargoyle Achievement: Oakfield


    by ChrisA17

    This is my first Fable 2 Walkthrough attempt for the Gargoyle Achievement. There are 3 gargoyles that you have to shoot in Oakfield.

    Q: Why are you playing as a girl?
    A: Well I already did this achievement on my first profile and instead of starting all over I decided to use this profile which yes happens to be a girl

    Q: What is the song?
    A: Nas - I'm On

    Q: What weapons are you using?
    A: Well the first weapon is my range weapon which is called Light Master Crossbow it causes 79.0 damage and I have 2 augments in it, which are Lucky Charm Augment and Golden Touch Augment. My melee weapon happens to be one of the best if not the best melee weapon in the game. Its called The Daichi, it deals 96.0 damage and it has 3 augments in it, which are Devastation Augment, Bewitching Augment, and Killerwatt Augment.

    Q: What is the name of your dog?
    A: His name is Jack.