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    What if the world embodied our highest potential?

    Goodness TV

    by Goodness TV

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    Most of the sentiments in this film are justified, and I'm sure that the makers of this film have the best of intentions, but it's very heavy on random stock footage. For this message to be effective, it needs way more hard information and way less new-age meaningless fluff.
    By f5025832863 years ago
    you deserve a chocolate chip cookie for making this video! ..i feel lonely though.. !!
    By ranisahiba5 years ago
    ^% really fantastic
    By 6SexyMouse735 years ago
    ONENESS and ONE WORLD ORDER are too completely different things. Nice Obama clip (NOT). Careful people, don't fall asleep. Just because he's using the same key words ie: ONENESS and COMMUNITY, does not mean that is what our government and their favorite puppet, Obama, intends. If anything, they are paying to keep all the foreign desacralisation...They are PAYING to keep it that way. Who are we to say others are suffering??? What the hell do we know about suffering??? So we pity them, and it makes us more powerful. And round and round we go. I'm so dissapointed to see an Obama clip in this video.

    All I'm asking, for my brothers and sisters...
    Please, Don't Fall Asleep. Only our hearts, our bones, and our blood knows the answers of our connections to one another. Government has NOTHING to do with it.

    Awesome video, until I saw Obama's cliche ass, I had to say something.
    Government and Oneness are two very, very, very seperate things. Don't fall asleep.
    By finge1016 years ago
    Nice, name calling and insults. If you only had actual facts to back up your argument then you wouldn't have to resort to childish tactics. Look, read the article again and seek other sources as well. Oh, and as I've said before, look for other sources to determine if multiple perspectives validate each other. You need to step back and read, and read again, the information you're trying to understand and learn about. Then objectively assess it for quality, cetera. Stop letting your emotions get the best of you. Seriously, do you realize what you're doing? The very video we're discussing is all about humans transcending crude and base behavior and here you are ranting and name calling like a child. We can quibble over an issue without this uncivil behavior. Think about it.
    By aba123aba6 years ago
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