Usagi & Mamoru


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Sweet and melancholic AMV about Usagi and Mamoru ;)

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It was in Sailor Moon R Movie - Promise of the Rose.It is uploaded in this site in two parts.Here is link to part one
and here is link to part two
Przez Patrycja 8 lat temu
i didn't know that they known each other before, when they were little....!!
was the rose she gave him the rose that helps him become tuxedo mask??
Przez i forgot... 8 lat temu
Yeah, I like Usagi and Mamoru :)
Przez Patrycja 8 lat temu
cool!! i like it very much......and it is always you i run ni, bye...

p.s. are you also a usagi & mamoru fan?? they soooo belong together.....don't they just...
Przez i forgot... 8 lat temu
il est bo!!
Przez chlohii 8 lat temu
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