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    Buying & Selling Websites - How To Buy Websites


    by vonklaz

    51 views Buying a website is really pretty easy. Here’s a quick video that talks about how to buy websites, where to find them and why you should consider buying a website vs starting them from scratch... Some other things you’ll learn when you sign up for the full training course include: - Overview for what kinds of sites to look for and what to avoid. - Why buying a website is such a good idea. - Where to find websites for sale. - Best types of sites to buy. - How much to pay for a website. - How to transfer the funds to the seller. - Fraud checklist to make sure you don’t get scammed. - How to verify the facts & figures the seller provides (due diligence). - How to write a purchase agreement to protect you. - Should you use a lawyer and accountant? - How to find rundown sites and buy them for pennies on dollar. - Negotiating tips for getting the best deal (cheaper prices, payment terms, etc). - See real life case study of our most recent website purchase.