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    Ghis: MAFIA MEDICA Eng.- Esp. (1- 6)


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    mauri ciolam
    La mafia farmaceutica es ya el instrumento del genocidio.
    Por mauri ciolamHace 6 años
    mada tico
    El Dr horowitz, entre muchos otros médicos, biologos y químicos, demuestra con pruebas: fechas, nombres y lugares el entramado conspiracion, farmacéutico, estatal, militar y mediático que inventa y promociona enfermedades además de que las expande intencionadamente.
    Nos van a envenenar a todos, Vacuna Gripe A = Ley Marcial y Dictadura Mundial.
    Por mada ticoHace 6 años
    mada tico
    farmaceuticas mafia genocidio
    Por mada ticoHace 6 años
    We, the peoples of the world denounce the claim of ownership of it, because this, is through fraud, deception and usury that you, the masters have done together with rules for mankind. Have committed so much evil in your goal to achieve world hegemony that you are drunk with the blood of the innocent.

    And we will not permit you to remain idle for your hidden agenda behind the veil of iniquity. We will unite with a purpose and a common goal to spread the knowledge of your tyranny throughout the world for justice until the world is free from slavery and destruction that has been created on this earth.
    Por superduqueHace 6 años