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    It's Alright, It's Okay [Mini AMV]


    door Sarah

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    Story Video: After breaking up with Chiaki, Marion falls into a depression and begins to think about their time together. She finds that he wasn't such a great boyfriend after all, and that he put her through alot of pain. After that Maron realizes that she is better off without Chiaki, even though she still loves him.

    I didn't use the whole song because I was having trouble with my computer and I had to hurry. So I made a Mini AMV. Maybe I will finish it later anyway. This was made for a Contest and the theme of this round was breaking up. Perfect for me actually, because I broke up 2 months ago. I tried to mix my own feelings at that time into this video; I still loved him, but I also knew I was better off without him and didn't want him back. And I think this song goes quite nicely with those feelings =) And people this is a STORY VIDEO. I know that Maron's real feelings weren't anything like in the video and that the break up was different. I hope you enjoy =D