Nadishana & Khool Zhingel

Vladiswar Nadishana

von Vladiswar Nadishana

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The "Khool Zhingel" Ensemble blending two musical worlds and two approaches to the sound perception. On the East there's Orda, Siberia, nomadic Turkic minorities, on the West there's Russia, the Slavic culture.

One of the experiments of the band is the attempt to blend Asian music of wild steppe, throat singing with the lyrics in Russian.

In the music of Khool Zhingel we can hear also the Russian folklore and authentic Tatar material, historically related to other Turkic traditions, like Tuva, Altai, Buryatia.

Line up:

Alexandr Batrakov: throat singing, vocals, igil, guitar, percussion, lyrics and music
Dina Bashkirova: vocals, violin, tin whistle, percussion
Vladiswar Nadishana: turkish kaval, hybrid kaval, futujara, hulusi, percussion

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