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    Criminal ~ The Joker


    by Nyx919


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    HEY MAN AWESOME VIDEO. Ive been watching it for a long time now, except I play Slipknot's "PSYCHOSOCIAL" as background music instead of disturbs 'criminal'. Its 100 times better with that. You should try it. Let the "Criminal Joker" video run for exactly 6 seconds and then press play on the Psychosocial video, the music LITERALLY goes SOOOOOOO PERFECT with the sequences of the video, PLEASE PLEASE TRY IT OUT. It blows the disturbed background music out of the water!!!! YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON THE VIDEO, my only advice.......TAKE THIS VIDEO, AND INJECT SLIPKNOTS PSYCHOSOCIAL IN AS THE MUSIC EXACTLY AFTER 6 SECONDS OF THE VIDEO PLAYING. YOU WILL SEE A COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT VIDEO!! BUT MAKE SURE ITS NOT THE FULL VERSION OF PSYCHOSOCIAL, THAT VERSION SUCKS. LOL.
    By ospreyzack19875 years ago