The Arrivals pt 48 The Arrival of the Mahdi

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The foundations of the Antichrist
By Noreagaaa & Achernahr


noreaga.. i respect ur series but one information ix wrong! u said imam Mahdi's mother will be of isaac's blood! imam Mahdi ix a syed nd his father can only marry a syed woman......the truth ix dat imam Mahdi's father will be of the bloodline of imam Hussain whereas his mother wud be of the blood of Imam Hassan!! hence both belong to the blood of Ishmaeel!! hope this getx to you!!
Syed Shahzeb Gilani
By Najam-us-Sahar 3 years ago
i love my holy jesus[isa] and imam mahdi,their is going in future ,new world oreder vs supreme new order,pakistan vs israel.,final armeggedon
By supremecheetah 3 years ago