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    B*tcham*nia 1 2 & 3


    by robbienekoda

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    The original vids were taken down from youtube ages ago due to the ROH footage. I don't like editing other people's work, so here's my own version of B*tcham*nias 1-3 instead.

    ROH clips have been removed (Jeff Hardy and Jack Evans, unsurprisingly) as well as some clips that weren't botches to begin with (Rock hitting himself with a chair, Ric Flair's people's elbow etc) and Candido breaking his leg.
    All the other clips have been included and some have been expanded (e.g. the original version only showed one of Ultimo Dragon's slip-ups at WMXX, and only one botch from the Low Ki/Sabu match). I didn't include Steiner's Tiger Driver, because that match deserves it's own moment in B*tcham*nia, along with the New Year's Revolution 2005 injury-fest. Those will be in B*tcham*nia 52.

    Real American by Rick Derringer
    Medal by Jim Johnston
    Rick The Hamster by Hirokazu Ando
    Fire Mario by Mahito Yokota
    Fever by That Nintendo Guy
    Moonlight by Banya