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    Dr Chris Steele explains the causes of night cramps and how


    by LucyBridgewater

    A recent survey discovered that only 20% of us are getting 8 hours sleep a night. Many of us are suffering from so-called "junk sleep" where we are disturbed up to 90 times a night. A leading cause of this was found to be night cramps, with 80% suffering from these painful muscle spasms. These occur because the muscle is already contracted when something stimulates it to contract further, causing the spasms. This causes soreness that can last for days and can disturb your sleep.
    Crampex tablets help to treat and prevent nocturnal muscle cramp, one of the main causes of interrupted sleep. Crampex contains calcium gluconate to help correct any calcium deficiency that could lead to cramp, cholecalciferol to aid calcium absorption and nicotinic acid to improve poor peripheral circulation. Crampex costs from £4.45 for a pack of 24 tablets and is available over the counter from pharmacies. Always read the label. For further tips on a good night’s sleep, visit