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    Best water filters have these 6 features

    James Rubel

    by James Rubel

    What are the features of the Healthy Home Solution whole house water filter and conditioning system? The features included in our water filter are many but there are six primary features to this product. 1) Health – We want to remove all the chemicals, odors, and physical things from your entire living environment. And thereby provide home wellness for you and your family. 2) Taste and Quality – We want Great quality water coming from every faucet for drinking, cooking, coffee making. We want it to be in every case possible to be as good as or better than the bottled waters out there. 3) Environmental Aspects – This product has been designed to be completely “GREEN.” We do not add any chemicals to the eco-system. The product is energy efficient with regards to both electricity and water usage. It is a very efficient product. 4) Hard Water Issues – We can toss out the old traditional water softeners etc.