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    Mezzanine financing for the Medium-Sized Companies is booming: revolutionizing the in-house financing for the medium sized businesses, the projects and its structures are based on a business plan. These are optimized by a consultant and the management for all the participants: Free cash flows require value-oriented on top management and key figures. As a result, assessing enterprise value and creating added value, both are strategically important. Rendering with high importance, value added cover refinancing and equity kicker risk premium of the capital. The quality of Mezzanine capital, both as equity and debt financing, is one of the first choices of SME; this method of financing has led to the New Finance Marketing of SMEs on the capital market; such as the management of asset, investment and portfolio. Some mix of the means of finance is the real revolutionary novelty: presenting Lutz de Witt and Stuttgart in Germany nd Ulrich H. Kiefer EU. The education video on Fine Business Arts