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    Using A Virtual PBX To Cut Costs And Increase Productivity

    Andy Cocker

    by Andy Cocker

    Due to the introduction of technology, it has never been easier to manage small businesses and large, multi-level organizations. We have come a long way from a single telephone line and door to door sales. First we had access to fax machines, which drastically opened the door to communicating and sending documents over long distances in a short time. When computers became widely used and the internet became available, this brought the entire world even closer with just a few strokes of our fingertips. We are now far more efficient than when we had to write everything by hand and sometimes wait days or weeks to receive a package or document.

    Businesses are continually striving to search for more cost efficient programs and methods to remain successful and profitable. One of the most effective programs used in offices today is the virtual PBX, or virtual Private Branch Exchange. A virtual PBX is an automated system that does a lot of the administrative work