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    Blogger Sues Google for Revealing Her Identity

    The Young Turks

    by The Young Turks


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    I do not think that Google has any obligation to keep the ID of any blogger secret. I believe the girl blogged only because she wanted to flaunt herself. She has big breasts. She probably blogged about her breasts or about what she does or how she thinks. I do not know what she blogged about. I blogged for a long time on Google and then I stopped blogging. No body was interested in who I was or what I blogged about. Now she blogged and people wanted to learn about her and she's suing the blogger. If I had time I'd file a friend of the court belief siding with Google and the girl is appearing all over the press and showing her cleavage and telling people she is suing Google. She is gold seeker. She wants to become rich at the cost of Google.,
    By mahafakir6 years ago