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    You Snore? Here's WHY You Snore

    Andy Cocker

    by Andy Cocker

    Would you perhaps be a snorer? Snoring is the butt of many jokes, but it is not that funny when you or even worse, your partner, snores.The snoring can be soft and short in duration which makes it a small problem, but when it is quite loud, lasting for large parts of the night it can be seriously disruptive. Being continually awakened through the night can have not only both emotional and mental effects by physiological effects as well. On the market are a variety of methods, pillows, straps to keep your mouth closed etc. to help the snorer and their near ones. The success rate of these contraptions vary a lot. One of the problems is that they do not address WHY the person is snoring, they just try to shut the person up!Using a chin strap may bring temporary relief, so may that new pillow as long as you lay on it just in the right way. But since these devices do nothing to correct the cause of the snoring the snoring will return as soon as the devi