Blood Work! "True Blood" video blog 2.10: In Our View


by campbloodbuzz

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Love your Vlog and your dolls!
Awesome work!!

But I have to disagree about Eric/Sookie dreams feeling forced. The same about Sookie's glowing hands. I felt it was nice (albeit risky) touch. I've read the books so I have an idea as to where AB is taking this.

Other than that I agree with.

By Graffix-jeff 6 years ago
I think I waited more all week for this new episode than True Blood! Thank you for another hilarious vlog!!
By foof76 6 years ago

Actually, you guys forgot something... remember the reason why sookie went with eric instead of bill to the orgy in the book... that was because bill left, right? And so did bill on the show.

Love the "sookie monster" part xDD Have a nice week :)
By neuza a. forte machado 6 years ago