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    Halil - A Work in Progress

    Archy Dolder

    by Archy Dolder

    Recently I designed and programmed a website for a true Renaissance man: Halil Aydin Ataman. Halil is a successful painter, sculptor, musician, gourmet chef, poet and bon vivant. He has studios in Hannover and Berlin, Germany. The thing is, all of Halil's many works are ALL "works in progress". So, he never really finishes anything because he just keeps changing them. In fact, I had to make sure the website was extremely flexible so it could accommodate constant change. This video is the "splash" or "welcome" page video visitors see when they arrive on the home page of Halil's website. The footage is basically home movies Halil shot in his studio in Hannover, which I then distilled down to something that would somehow celebrate Halil's work in sure to visit Halil's website at