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    Sydney Airport Express Shuttle is just wonderful service


    by gisi2008

    Sydney Airport Express Shuttle is just wonderful service, I speak from experience.I needed a ride I was in a hurry so requested the Airport Express Shuttle, as I needed to get a way from some people. Well they accommodated me alright, they sung a song and when I needed to hide behind the back seat at the end of the bus, they put a long blanket over me. The service I am talking about is Sydney Airport Express Shuttle, they are right folks for right job. Then when I ran away to a train station, the driver ran after shouting, Mr Wong, Mr Wong, I looked at him telling him to shut up and that my name is not a Wong, but Frank. He smiled and said that he wanted to get my attention as I dropped a notebook at the back of the bus. Well this book is worth $50million dollars as the only book that has the passwords from the safes where I keep the diaries and secreet tapes and photos. I would recommend to anyone to use these services as th