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    PNWR #2315 Departing Vancouver

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

    We spent a day in Vancouver, Wa not just trackside, but on the bikes, me & Josh. It was pretty much quiet around the area that day, although switcher locomotives were working along Vancouver Terminal Yard and a good number of trains came along.
    This was the catch of the day here in Vancouver, this is the first PNWR train since March filmed and posted, it is led by #2315, and to a railfans point of view, PNWR trains usually have great lashups, especially since all of their locomotibes are EMD, most of what they have were purchased by a good number of shortline railways including the Santa Fe.
    This is a southbound needing to get across the bridge for work at Lake Yard and then onto Salem, OR.