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    Mayan Prophecies 2012 How To Prepare Oracle 1 of 3

    242 views The Mayan prophecies are in alignment with what the Oracle has been telling Kalyn and myself for nearly 20 years now. The Oracle predicted 9-11 over 12 years ago. They said in their sometimes awkward way of putting things (they don't always have a complete command over the English language) that 'Kamikaze pilots would destroy the Brother Towers'. Yes, tragedies like this have and will occur as the changes accelerate. However, how the changes impact your life depend on how you align and attune yourself to the new energies. Through aligning and flowing the energies in the Golden Flow, free from beliefs and emotional charges that hold you back, you will move easily with the new energies as they accelerate, taking you to a miraculous new level in your being and consciousness.