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    How Unique Business Cards Can Better Your Small Business

    Andy Cocker

    by Andy Cocker

    When it comes to evaluating their use as a basic marketing tool that can bring important attention to your company, the effectiveness of standard business cards is well established. Although business cards can be a very effective marketing tool, more effort needs to be made to make business cards unique so that they will stand out above the crowd of standard, basic cards that are prominent.

    Creating a unique business card can further your brand recognition and increase the trust that customers have for your organization. However, there are many pitfalls when it comes to designing a unique card, as the great reward that comes with a successful card is matched by risk in that the card could fall flat with many individuals. Be sure to follow these simple rules when working to achieve specific goals with a unique business card.

    Creating brand recognition is one of the benefits of a unique business card. Going all out in creating brand recogniti