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    Friend buried at the beach and tickled


    by mercilesstickling

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    I love this video. Love the tickled guy's feet, I think they're very sexy and oh how i woul love to have the chance to tickle them. Saying, that I'd quite like him to tickle my feet in just the same way hehe.
    By starktik2 years ago
    Bill Dotzman
    Nice feet!!!!
    By Bill Dotzman3 years ago
    love it..want 2 b tickled like this :)
    By Charly4 years ago
    draygar, i too remember the other vids ( i think there might have been 2 ), the guy who posted them went by the name of laughtertheraoy, but trying to find it on here ansd the account is very sadly closed, I've tried. I too wish we could find the others, I love the guy being tickled and his feet are lovely, would love to see them recieve more tickle action.
    If anybody else knows where to find this and the other vids ...
    By starktik6 years ago
    i love the guy who is buried. he seems so sweet and is very cute. i think his feet are nice looking too and i love how ticklish he is on them. wish the other guy had tickled him a bit longer and used some feathers on them. he acted so shocked that his buddy was really gonna take off his shoes and tickle him. there was another one with the same two guys on here but i can't find the other one. does anyone know where i can find it.
    to the tickled guy i would love to slowly tickle ur feet with as many breaks as u need......maybe. lol
    By draygar6 years ago
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