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    Crop Circles 1996-2007


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    Since some years the researches prove completely clearly that the majority of the grain circles cannot be done by people. The so named abnormalities, this are the phenomena which distinguish the "real" grain circles from people-done, speak volumes. In do to cases appears in winter if the first snow has liked(fallen), the formation again there where they(she,it) months before was. It seems as if the ground(bottom) was warmer there. (This are only some examples of the phenomena.) The grain circle formations incline during the last years to it to become more complex, for different reasons. One the reason is the growing consciousness of the people. If mankind opens to the wisdom which is contained in the formations and if the consciousness that which consider these unhurt-own geometrical forms increases, grows the possibility to absorb this wisdom and to integrate. The more figures are contained in the formations, the more becomes our spiritual one