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    H2 Movie Trailer - Halloween 2 - HQ 2009


    by papalige9

    210 views H2 Movie Trailer - Halloween 2 - HQ 2009 No one saw this one coming, folks--yet another film in the Final Destination franchise hits theatres this August. An all too familiar advance premonition of a fatal racing accident gives a handful of young friends a second chance at life. But Death doesn't like people who cheat the system, even inadvertently, and so the young friends find their second chances are all too easily revoked. Is this one going to break the trend of steadily slumping Final Destination films? Or do you wish this one really WAS the final one? Leave a comment below and let us know, and thanks for watching! H2 movie trailer is provided by Dimension Filmes and The Weinstein Company. The H2 movie arrives in theaters August 28, 2009.