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    Ton van Bergeijk

    door Ton van Bergeijk

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    Frenk van Meeteren
    Wat is dat toch mooi! Aerie speelt het, ik kennet van Tom, en jij speelt6 het zoals thoort!!!
    Door Frenk van Meeteren6 jaren geleden
    Dear Pekka
    My name is Haki Halinen we once met in London when I was about to do a LP for SG.
    More than a year ago a rather wellknown american artist who was producing that album wrote me an e-mail with links to your videos.
    He dared me to guess who Pekka was, I think he thought that it was me, but hey I'm Haki Halinen -
    I see that your wife is also of finnish origin.
    Anyway - great playing and very nice to hear you play fngerstyle again.
    Door HakiHalinen6 jaren geleden
    Mike Tomac

    Thank you for posting after the 16 month hiatus. I miss your fabulous playing. Please share more tunes if you have time.
    Door Mike Tomac6 jaren geleden
    Frenk van Meeteren
    Door Frenk van Meeteren7 jaren geleden
    Dear Pekka,
    You are , and always wil be a source of inspiration for me.
    Door ToebroekTau7 jaren geleden