Ton van Bergeijk
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The famous banjo-solo by Pete Mandell. When Pekka heard it was going to be the new banjo-solo of the Dutch Swing College Band (originally Arie Ligthart’s showpiece) he immediately constructed a ‘ukulele-version (in the weird half plectrum-banjo-/ half Chicago-tuning adaption to the uke: F C E A). He can almost play it, but not when it was filmed. This is Pekka on the porch of Wendy & Joris’s lovely holiday house at the Taurion Lakeside, filmed by his beautiful wife Ellä Koskeminuun.

5 commentaar

Wat is dat toch mooi! Aerie speelt het, ik kennet van Tom, en jij speelt6 het zoals thoort!!!
Door Frenk van Meeteren 5 jaren geleden
Dear Pekka
My name is Haki Halinen we once met in London when I was about to do a LP for SG.
More than a year ago a rather wellknown american artist who was producing that album wrote me an e-mail with links to your videos.
He dared me to guess who Pekka was, I think he thought that it was me, but hey I'm Haki Halinen -
I see that your wife is also of finnish origin.
Anyway - great playing and very nice to hear you play fngerstyle again.
Door HakiHalinen 5 jaren geleden

Thank you for posting after the 16 month hiatus. I miss your fabulous playing. Please share more tunes if you have time.
Door Mike Tomac 5 jaren geleden
Door Frenk van Meeteren 5 jaren geleden
Dear Pekka,
You are , and always wil be a source of inspiration for me.
Door ToebroekTau 5 jaren geleden