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    SNES Family Feud in 06:46.28 by Heisanevilgenius


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    Family Feud (1993) follows the premise of the American TV show of the same name. Two families are pit against each other in a contest aimed at guessing the results of a public survey. The first family member to press a button and give a concise answer that happens to be on the survey, earns points. The last round allows both families to list several of the existing survey answers in a very short time period.

    Heisanevilgenius's family, The As, ignores all that and goes with elaborate and utter nonsense instead… only to find the host accepting their answers as correct. The other family, The Halls, doesn't even get the chance to insert a word, proving the racial prejudice of the host. Watch the game and see for yourself.

    Note: Some answers contain coarse language.