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Design and create a visual effects sequence. The visual effects should be based on Maya's dynamics system, and composited into live action video motion tracking techniques.


-The sequence must utilise at least one Maya dynamics effect - Particles for smoke, fire, or rain, etc -Rigid Bodies for colliding objects or -Soft Bodies for deformable shapes.
-The live footage may be filmed by the student or sourced from a stock footage website. Any sourced material must be referenced appropriately
-The sequence must include at least one cut from one angle to another, with attention given to meaningful editing
-The dynamics effect must be inserted onto tje live footage via motion tracking techniques. The student may use Maya Live or a free tracker such as Icarus or Voodoo
-There must be an interaction between the CG and live elements in terms of shadows, reflections, refractions, etc..

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merci soerette, ca fait plaisir! montre le aux parents qd t as le temps. gros bisous!
Par Alexandre Berthet il y a 5 ans
hi my Little Brother !
BRAVO ! pas mal du tout !!! trop vrai franchement on dirait la réalité et ça fait peur ! bon si je peux commander une fiction plus gaie se sera encore plus top !!!! non mais mis à part cela, il y a du boulot derrière encore BRAVO !!!! continue ainsi et je te prépare le CV pour les Studios Disney !
biz my little brother & take care ! with love.
Par nuidi il y a 5 ans