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    Bob Haring & His Orchestra - I'm In The Market For You


    par kspm0220s

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    Lou, yes that banjo is simply stunning!
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 6 ans
    I just recognized Harry Reser's banjo in this.Only Harry can roll the notes like that near the end.Since Genia rates Fred McMurray 3rd on this tune,I'll have to irritate her with another McMurray,if I can find it.
    Par LouIl y a 6 ans
    Genia, once more my comment disappeared. Thank you for your plea for Haring and Scrappy. Although Olsen's version is very fine, to my ears it is more straightforward and less memorable than this passionate, lingering interpretation.
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 6 ans
    BB, Scrappy sang it in that other song: "There Is No Depression In Love" and he was a genius in performing romantic ballads, so his shares might well have been sky high :-)
    Par kspm0220sIl y a 6 ans
    Boston Blackie
    Not a great time to be in the market. I'm confident that Scrappy bought low and sold high though.
    Par Boston BlackieIl y a 6 ans
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