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    Above The AfterLife


    by MModernMedia


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    So I ran faster
    But it caught me here
    Yes my loyalties turned
    Like my ankle
    In the seventh grade
    Running after Billy
    Running after the rain
    These precious things
    Let them bleed
    Let them wash away
    These precious things let them break
    Their hold over me
    He said you're really an ugly girl
    But I like the way you play
    And I died
    But I thanked him
    Can you believe that
    Sick holding on to his picture
    Dressing up every day
    I wanna smash the faces of those beautiful boys
    Those christian boys
    So you can made me cum
    That doesn't make you Jesus
    I remember
    Yes in my peach party dress
    No one dared
    No one cared
    To tell me where the pretty girls are
    Those demigods
    With their nine-inch nails
    And little fascist panties
    Tucked inside the heart
    Of ever nice girl
    These precious things
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