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    Super Dave Bull Monster Truck Skit!

    Video Service Corp

    by Video Service Corp

    The creation of veteran television comedy writer Bob Einstein, Super Dave was introduced on cable’s Bizarre in 1980 until getting his own show in 1987 which was produced in Canada for several years. Einstein himself handpicked over two hours of hilarious ill-advised stunts for this DVD and recorded new introductions this summer in L.A. to bring this exclusive release to his Canadian fans. Also, this will be the first time Canadian fans can experience the Super One completely uncensored. Accompanied on his various exploits by assistant stunt coordinator Fuji Hakajito (played by comedian Art Irizawa), The Super One’s fans will be treated to classics like the All-purpose sports chair with Don Lake, Football Hydraulic Arm, Basketball Catapult Dunk, Bungee Jump, Giant Yo-Yo with Robbie Knievel, Ski Ride Bus Jump, CN Tower. Please don’t try any of this at home!!!!