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Tokio Hotel - Black (Acoustic) - Burbank Kiis FM 102.7

il y a 8 ans757 views

Tokio Hotel - Black (Acoustic) - Burbank KIIS FM 102.7 (09.03.08)

Tokio Hotel is in the studio of Burbank, California's KIIS FM 102.7 radio station performing live and acoustic their song "Black" for a small studio audience. This was recorded on 09.03.08 but was released on the internet on 09.05.08.

"Black" was Tokio Hotel's second song of their three song set. They performed "Monsoon" and "Final Day" in the studio as well. Check my videos for "Final Day"; "Monsoon" video has yet to be released.

Stop by JoJo's radio page for pictures of that day, and leave him a nice message for the great job he does as a radio DJ.