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    Elemental specced shaman demju fragging all day long


    par demju95

    1 480 vues
    This is my lastest released movie. It deals with my Elemental specced shaman in Bg's fights.
    There is absolutly nothing "skilled" and no "awsome" actions because it's just typical bg's fights.
    You have to look at this video like a "cool/funny" Average skilled shaman movie.

    Don't look at this movie if you need:
    - Arena! Maybe comming soon...
    - duels! Haven't maneged to fraps good one. This is freekill or freelose everytimes I tryed.
    - Engineering! yea I know it's cool to see stun, pyro, boots in a movie but I 'm not Engineer :'(
    - Full Crit flash clips. My gear is accentuate on haste and not spell/crit.

    Thanks and have fun watching it.