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    Increase Your Vertical Jump

    Phil Renning

    by Phil Renning

    129 views - Is your vertical jump pathetic?

    Are you nowhere near the rim when you try to dunk?

    There are basically two types of players.
    1 – those that naturally have massive jumping ability
    2 – the rest of us who have to work at it

    If you’re like me and like 90% of the players out there,
    you have to work at your vertical jump to touch the rim.

    And if you want to dunk?
    Then you’ve got to get trained properly!

    Here’s what this is about:

    My names is Phil and I’ve discovered an amazing program
    that can literally add 10 inches onto your vertical jump quickly,
    safely, and naturally.

    No gimmicky shoes.
    No goofy contraptions.
    No hype.

    The truth is this:

    Increasing your vertical jump takes practice and training,
    but when you know what you’re doing, you can easily add
    10 or more inches to your jump.