I can dream !!!

Tom Petersen
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Are you 'Praying for Peace' ?
Mind if I ask you 'why' ?
I fail to see the sanity of people asking God to allow peace in the world.
I can't recall ever seeing God walking around with a gun in his hand... or dropping bombs on anyone...
So why are we asking him to allow us to live in peace ?
God didn't create man with guns in our hands either... We put them there ourselves...
So it seems logical to me, that if we want 'Peace'... We make 'Peace'... and we do that, by ending our fighting !
I can dream of peace... but I feel a lot better, if I get off my behind, and try to make that dream a reality !!!
Come on world... Peace isn't something to dream of... It isn't an entitlement...
Peace is an obligation... a duty... a responsibility that we as man have toward each other and toward the future of our children and our planet !!!