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    Arby & the cheif call my girlfriend


    by Joel

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    While being one of the more recent ones this video is still fairly old. Actually its about two years old now. If you want to see some of my better stuff simply skip ahead to the new and current stuff. This was a prank/ spoof I did for my girlfriend at the time. We both watched and enjoy the machina show created by digitalph33r known as "arby& the chief". One day I aquired a text to speech program with many voices and decided to leave her a sweet message using the voices of the arbiter and master chief from the series. She highly enjoyed it and people on youtube did as well. It was just my way of showing affection and being goofy.

    Directors Notes: Hate comments get removed the the user gets blocked so don't bother with it. As I said before this is part of my old videos in my collection. If you want to see new stuff then you'll have to skip on ahead. With that said please enjoy.