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    by mcphert1

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    I'm obviously no yodeller, however I was listening to Hank Williams and thought I would have a go at writing something in that vein. I came up with a song that had a half yodel in it (I was influenced by Hank's 'Long Gone Lonesome Blues'). It is also the only song of mine on Dailymotion I have put electric guitar on - so far .

    This is one of my original songs that I never perform or play for people as it is not representative of what I do. (Little Joe is my only other country-ish song). If you don't like yodelling, you're asking for trouble clicking on something called 'The Yodel Song'! Anyway I thought I would bite the bullet and put it up on Dailymotion.

    I have put together a slideshow to go with the song. Comments and ratings are invited.