Ted Weems Orchestra - A Girl Friend Of A Boy Friend Of Mine


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Weems (né Wemyes) (1901-1963) learned to play the violin and trombone. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he and his brother Art organized a small dance band. Going professional in 1923, Weems toured for several years. Somebody Stole My Gal became the band's first #1 hit in early 1924.
Weems moved to Chicago with his band around 1928. The Ted Weems Orchestra had more chart success in 1929 with the novelty song "Piccolo Pete", and the #1 hit The Man from the South. The band gained popularity in the 1930s, making regular radio broadcasts. His band gave singer Perry Como his first national exposure. During World War II, Ted Weems enlisted in the United States Merchant Marine. This excellent record was made in 1929. The vocalist remained uncredited, but may be Thomas Parker Gibbs.

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The biggest problem I have with the late thirties early forties band singers was that they all sounded exactly the same, from Tommy Dorsey's Jack Leonard to Shep Fields' Charles Chester. All had pleasant baritone voices and sang with very little emotion. Which to me made them quite boring. BB is correct in that there were far more marginal at best singers in the twenties and early thirties.
Par phred001 Il y a 6 ans
More evidence that the vocalists of the pre-crooner era were considered little more than "fill" for the bands. By the time Perry Como was first being noticed the game had changed.
Par Boston Blackie Il y a 6 ans
Lou I would have thought the Weems vocalist you wouldn't like would have been Art Jarrett I have a problem with him. Sam Robbins, Ben Bernie and Ted Lewis for that matter are more"performers" than singers. Are you going to put a Ben Bernie vocal on? You might have some removing your name from their friends list. By the way I do realize you most likely have no reason to hate Parker personally (wink wink) Can I use that?
Genia, the tuba player is "Country Washburn and he was a terrific musician on both tuba and string bass. You should hear him on "Slap That Bass"
Par phred001 Il y a 6 ans
Dr Phil :-))) He would certainly untangle that problem in the most intricate way with lots of drama. Glad you liked this cheerful song about a not so cheerful series of disappointments.
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
Fred,I don't hate Parker Gibbs,just don't like his vocals.He grates on me like Irving Kaufman does(have to watch what I say,relatives may see this)You felt the same way towards Sam Robbins vocals and I liked his plain style.I'm going to really irritate you one day with na Ben Bernie vocal(wink).Who was the person who copyrighted the (wink)?
Par Lou Il y a 6 ans
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