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    Reid Baer: To Be or Not To Be

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

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    To Be or Not to Be Awake!
    By Reid Baer

    To be aware of my inner
    will or not - that is the question:
    whether 'tis easier in the mind

    To martyr the conditions of
    my own creation or to take
    blame against a sea of troubles

    And by opposing continue
    them like a sheep in wolf’s clothing
    hoping to end the heartache and

    The thousand natural bites of
    realities to the flesh - ‘tis
    an expectation for fools to

    Avoid this painful life embrace
    in the name of the poet’s love
    and think that sleep will keep us

    Safe from our own dark follies in
    a perpetual dream state
    irresponsible – separated -

    From ourselves and the synchronism
    of phenomena produced not
    by those imaginary whips and

    Scorns of time, but by me. Be kind
    to poor Ophelia and let the
    accountability be mine.