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    Time Warp with Dan and Dave Buck


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    Dan and Dave Buck as featured on the Discovery channel's Time Warp series.

    "The Fine Art of Cheating" at playing cards. Dan and Dave Buck demonstrate several techniques card cheaters might use to hustle someone in a game of poker or blackjack.

    The MacMillan Switch was created and first published by Dan MacMillan. It is expertly taught by Jason England on

    The Botton Deal method used is from The Expert at The Card Table by SW Erdnase. It is also expertly taught by Jason England on

    However, if you're interested in card cheating, we strongly suggest you pick up a copy of The Expert by Erdnase - available at your local book store or as a free ebook on

    Also showcased are card flourishes such as the waterfall and upside-down card spring.

    The Diving Board Double, created by Lee Asher, is available to learn on

    For more info on Dan and Dave, visit: