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    Big Bank Black - Try It Out (Unofficial Remix)


    by Cjwsm



    Rich Mundo
    What it he say Thrilla, and MicHAEL aint dead yall just didn't get thriller. Real Birdman, Hoping out the Lambo, not the four do, the two thirds folk, yall Ving Rhames and The other, I aint never undercover, Make love to a broad with the lights on, camera rolling on top of the cover, I tell her Big Brother Just like to watch, No Tupac or Mike TY situations, I rather be Masterbatin to Megan Fox in My own Room, Than doing it in a dorm room, with the restriction of steel so tell me how real ya life is, After I passed that trap, i figured all my dap was G, The Pacino but the doubt in a G, Yall sidewAYS LIKE Stephon Marbury lOGO.
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Hey whattup Wachovia, Whattup Suntrust, Whattup WaMu, Whattup Bank of America. I got a Black Card, and I bank with Big Black, Yall Slack. I know how the beat go, Nigga So OG, They Snitched on My COmputer Folk, U kNow Windows Police Pro, I be a EA vet like Gucci, Its all in the Game, these lames aint new to me, but I been thru it, Most TrANSLUCENT, mine just do it, Real MJ's of the Hood, who got it fo the L O, Yall just rocking Polo, We Investing in Horses, Life Real so keep taking chances, and it aint a threat, cause crackers aint giving second chances, Got me talking like Plies, nevamind my diamonds, I be Like ShAWTY, Im on the White Girls 23 and Older, I got that ICEBERG BACK ON MY SHOULDER, I only Love em, when I ask them to come over, Get real Bipolar make a bitch do more than just roll over, vacate the premises, its too late for the promises, don't even consider apologies, too late to repent, Be Like Jesus I need more than 1/tenth, from the tent to the mansion I go Thrilla, Mich
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago