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    UP: intermodal E.B.

    Joey Gattuso

    by Joey Gattuso

    11:09 PM

    As we crossed the tracks in DeKalb, I looked down the track and saw yet another eastbound approaching. We pulled over as quickly as possible. I then jumped out and began to roll the tape. As the gates went down, I got to hear one of those "Automated Horn System" products by Railroad Controls Ltd. in action. YUCK! THEY ARE AWFUL! They sound like a cheap, very low-quality recording of a Leslie RS3L blowing. An intermodal train slowly passes eastbound, as he is behind the previous eastbound. The recording was cut short due to running out of tape.

    You can also hear the wayside horns in the distance at the beginning of the recording. In my opinion, they sound more like a train horn when they're distant. The camera jumps at the beginning, it startled me as I was not expecting them to be as loud as they were. The crossing starts up, and then the gray box starts screaming at me. I don't like these horns, but I'm glad I got a chance to hear them.

    Recorded 8.1.2009