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    Love Sick by Rick Iafrate

    Rick Iafrate

    by Rick Iafrate

    Here is my submission for the sick muse contest and along with it many sleepless nights, heart and soul put into this small piece. It's also my interpretation of the song itself. The Doll represents the regret left over from the hardest decision you can make in an early committed relationship. Do you stay with this person forever and compromise certain experiences you might have experienced or do you let go and indulge and never see your one true love again. Im pretty sure I drank 30 monsters just to stay awake editing whenever i wasn't working so please give my vid a chance :) for the sake of film and my love for it. Please vote i will love you forever, ring, gown, reception in reno and all <3

    My name is Rick Iafrate and im a film student at Niagara College in Welland Ontario. The actress is Nicole Watts in the acting program at Niagara and the actor is Lari Teras in film at Niagara as well. I directed, shot, produced, and edited the video. i hope you all enjoyed it ^_^