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    NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 16:33.50 by adelikat


    by TASVideos

    TASVideos publication:

    In this game you get to control all four turtles and draw use of their different abilities ― or, at least that was the intent, but Donatello has both better reach and damage than the others, so he is used more or less constantly. The game features a well-written in-game dialogue, such as “Here.” and “Oh!”

    This is the third movie by adelikatwhich improved greatly on the previous versions. In the precedent movie, time was saved with a glitch which allows Raphael to pick up items through walls, and figuring out how to get shurikens more often. In this, time is saved by changing the turtles less often and some scattered optimizations, including more effective luck manipulation.