Microsoft Surface : Resto'Touch : the 5th sense available



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AFTER-MOUSE.COM with the help of Microsoft financing has created the first application available with a leasing offer.
This application is dedicated to the catering industry and proposes four functionalities in a single application. The exclusive features of RestoTouch enable up to 4 people to order their cocktails, meals, wines or aperitif directly on Microsoft Surface. The RestoTouch virtual sommelier is a true extra asset, in a fun, friendly and interactive atmosphere, providing advice on all wines and their characteristics, like a real oenologist. To complement this offer, our interactive guide gives the geographical location of the regions landmarks attractions in 2D or 3D. Access the detailed characteristics of each monument, present the partners to secure ever-higher returns on the investment and browse the map as if you were there.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM is a Microsoft Surface Strategic partner.

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