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    Speech on the Economy and Big Picture Trends (Part 3 of 4)


    by fentonreport

    Speech given at Tony Robbin's Wealth Mastery seminar on demographic trends, the economy and markets. Based on research by Harry S Dent and the HS Dent Foundation. About HS Dent Your Economic Think Tank and Research Team HS Dent is an economic research and forecasting company that works diligently to provide Financial Professionals and individuals with the proprietary economic tools needed to accurately forecast what lies ahead in our economy based on The Dent Method – the only documented record of success at forecasting long term economic trends. The Dent Method, developed by company Founder and economic expert Harry S. Dent, Jr. in the late 1980’s, is a long term economic forecasting technique based on the study of and changes in demographic trends and their impact on our economy. It works by showing how predictable consumer spending patterns combined with demographic trends allow us to forecast the economy years or even decades in advance. For two decades Financial Professionals and individuals have trusted HS Dent’s independent economic think tank and research team to provide specialized and proprietary economic research, analysis tools and forecast information. HS Dent makes its research available through its Monthly Economic Forecasts and Special Reports, attending Demographics School, by joining the Financial Advisors Network, and by participating in its Online Communities to share techniques and ideas with some of the most successful advisors in the industry. With HS Dent, Financial Advisors and individual investors can learn how to recognize and potentially profit from economic cycles, as well as help pinpoint the best careers in growth industries, the best places to live, the hottest investment sectors and the key technologies that will change everyday lives.