Real Time - Brad Pitt on Religion

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From real time with Bill Maher 8-14-09


you make really good videos. .... ..i feel lonely though.. ..
By lovelygirl19 3 years ago
So your an ignorant, prude, bigot who watches Fox News and 'knows' he has a firm grip on life. Your a republican, what's new?
By cubanmeerkat16 3 years ago
So Brad is a lame, a homosexual, dope smoker, and a liberal fool. He's from hollywood, whats new?
By sig4corp 3 years ago
a other brad that is on my side
By bluebrad 4 years ago
He's like an experiment in the uppermost levels of cool that is theoretically attainable. Its like when physicists cool some radioactive super conductors down to a trillionth of a degree above absolute zero. Brad Pitt is laser cooled.
By Innomen 4 years ago