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    Fountain Song (Keeper of the Book of Life)

    Ralph Buckley

    by Ralph Buckley



    Vera Narishkin
    Ralph, I thought you might like the spiritual Mind Movie I made earlier this month. It is entered in a competition, and the one which gets the most views by the end of March next year will win $5,000 - a sum I sorely need... If you like it, please send the link to all your family and friends! It is best viewed with Firefox in HQ, with headphones on and the volume up. It is to be watched at least twice a day, every day (morning and at night before going to bed) for it to have a real effect. Enjoy!

    By Vera Narishkin7 years ago
    Vera Narishkin
    Ralph, I've never come across anyone as incredibly creative, talented and productive as you. Amazing! Love you. :)
    By Vera Narishkin7 years ago