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    Al Bowlly and Anona Winn - Please Don't Mention It


    by Lorna



    Thanks for uploading this delightfully tongue-in-cheek vocal duet (composed by Harry S. Pepper, who also co-wrote the lyrics with Peter Wyse), which under its exchange of politenesses wittily reveals minor past tensions in a relationship. According to the authoritative Barry McCanna, moderator of the 'Bowlly' Yahoogroup, writing on 4th November 2006, 'Al recoded [it] twice, first with the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, then within a week, in his own name. The first [recording], on 20th July 1932, was with Anona Winn, with whom he recorded two songs that day, the other being "Where Are You?" (Girl Of My Dreams). Take 1 was issued on HMV B-6219 coupled with "Pagan Moon". On 26th July he recorded it with a small instrumental group, and take 1 was issued on Decca F-3128, M-422 and M-1203,. all coupled with "Wherever You Are".' Barry identifies neither Al's singing partner nor the instrumentalists in this second recording . Presumably the latter were moonlighting members of the NMDO, possibly with others. Was Anona also working "under cover"? Without access to this version it's impossible to tell.
    By TigerTimpani2 years ago
    I love this record! The verbal sparring, Ray's band like a musical diamond as ever, and you get the impression that everyone had such a ball making it! How can you not smile and feel happier from hearing it?
    By phaasch3 years ago